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Get an amazing experience our Tour is guaranteed, best experience on the best spot in Costa Rica Our guides are with an amazing experience and love what they do.

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Welcome to our Tour Bioluminescence-bay the magic of bioluminescent can be seeing as glow lighting up the way as we start paddling in our Kayak tour, at Paquera-bay that has become more well-known for bioluminescence spot, we have been doing this tour since 2017 at Punta Cuchillo just 1.6 kilometers from the ferry Paquera port. .

What is the bioluminescence ?

It is the production and emission of light by a living organism, light produced by a chemical reaction within a living organism.

What is bioluminescent plankton Algae  ?

Bioluminescent dinoflagellates are a type of plankton—tiny marine organisms that can cause the surface of the ocean to sparkle at night through the jostling of boats or the kayaks movements .

Fact about the Bioluminescent

Did you know that most bioluminescent organisms are found in the ocean. bioluminescent marine species include fish, bacteria, and jellies. Some bioluminescent organisms, including fireflies and fungi, are found on land.

Costa Rica Bioluminescence ?

Costa Rica is home to uniques ecosystems that can produce bioluminescence, which is the production and emission of light by living organisms. as paquera is the most famous for bioluminescence , his give to tourism a unique opportunities to experience this natural phenomenon in paquera Costa Rica, particularly in its paquera bay just where the ferry arries becoming the number one place to witness bioluminescence in Costa Rica.

What Colours can bioluminescence be?

Bioluminescent light can appear in various colors, including blue, green, and sometimes even red. The specific color of the light often depends on the type of luciferin and luciferase used by the organism, while observing bioluminescence, it’s essential to minimize light pollution and give your eyes time to adjust to the dark.

What is Purpose of Bioluminescent ?

it serves various ecological functions, including: Predation avoidance, the light can startle or confuse potential predators, providing an opportunity for the plankton to escape. Reproduction: Bioluminescence may play a role in attracting mates. When multiple bioluminescent plankton gather in one area, it can create a stunning light display, potentially aiding in mate selection.

Bioluminescent Tour Costa Rica

On our Kayaking Bioluminescence adventure

We will start paddling just 100 meters from the ferry Paquera Bay, which is perfect for kayaking. This fantastic adventure offers opportunities to paddle just in front of Isla Jesucitas and Isla Cedros while exploring the beauty of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, we will paddle for around 800 meters from the meeting point.

Bioluminescent Tour Costa Rica

Bioluminescence and sunset?

Sunset kayaking is a popular choice in the calm waters make it an ideal setting for a memorable experience, Photography don not forget your camera or smartphone, normally the stunning sunset and surrounding scenery make for great photo opportunities.

Bioluminescent Tour Costa Rica

Bioluminescent Safety

For our bioluminescent experience, regardless of your level of kayaking expertise, we always prioritize safety. You must wear a life jacket, follow our guide’s safety instructions, and we will be paddling from 50 meters to the coast.

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We Will be happy to take your reservatation for our Bioluminescence tour at Paquera Bay 100 from ferry port at Paquera.

Bioluminescent Tour Costa Rica

You may enjoy an amazing Sunsut at Our amazing experience, the Paquera Bay is an amazing place to enjoy this view and tour, you will be on the right spot with us.

Our review

Bioluminescence Costa Rica

We will make it possible that you even see Bioluminescence even with strong Moonlight. We will make sure you have fun with us. We really enjoyed the tour and experience and want to share with everybody.

Our review

Plankton Bioluminescent

“ We had a great experience with Our Guide. He is a very funny but also competent guy. The tour was really good and it will be something I will never forget. Whenever you have the chance to do a biolumniscence tour do it!”

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We are located at Punta Cuchillo 1.5 Kilometer from the Ferry port in Paquera

Bioluminescence CostaRica

Bioluminescent Tour

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