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Bioluminescent Boat Tour

Come and Enjoy an amazing bioluminescence tour in ours Bioluminescence boats, which were designed to provide the best experience while having the conform of an boat, but having the facilities of Kayaks, you will be able to paddle, Splash the water and touch the bioluminescent with your hand, see it pass in the middle of your finger.

While doing the tour on the boat no, need to puddle, and you have the facilites to take pictures, is especial for people with any dificulties or families with kids.

The Bioluminescence experience will be amazing on our boat, enjoy the natural phenomenon without any distraction on our boat focosing on the bioluminescent experience only.

Start time 5:45pm to 7:30pm Price $40 per person.

Start time: 8:00pm to 9:30pm Price $40 per person. Note for the tour of 8pm we requiered a Mínimum of 3 people If you are less please check availability with us.